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Cas a result of the disease, Vishal’s legs bent at the knees and both his feet twisted upward, making it impossible for him to walk.

Vishal’s problem got worse with age. Shivkumar, who struggled to make ends meet for his family of six by doing welding work, did everything in his power to treat his son and give him the best life possible, but the burden of Vishal’s condition weighed heavily on them. The parents were worried about his future and feared that he would never be able to lead an independent life. Shivkumar borrowed money and took Vishal to several hospitals. All the surgeons said surgery was the only option. Despite their best efforts, the family was unable to afford surgery that could help Vishal walk on his own. But in September 2020, they learned about Narayan Seva Sansthan, an organization that offers Free Corrective Surgery and other services to those in need.

With hope in their hearts, they reached out to the Sansthan and brought Vishal there. Over the course of six months, the doctors at the Sansthan performed corrective surgeries on both of Vishal’s legs to straighten them and improve his mobility. The surgeries were a success, and Vishal was fitted with customized Calipers that allowed him to walk on his own for the first time in his life.

The family was overjoyed at the transformation they saw in their son. Vishal, who once struggled to get around, is now walking on his own and leading an independent life. To further empower him, Sansthan enrolled him in a computer training course, where he learned new skills that would help him lead a fulfilling life.