Empowering Differently abled

Performing Mass Wedding Ceremonies

(31 August - 1 September 2024)

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We strive to provide resources and support to make sure that everyone can celebrate their love in a meaningful way. Our aim is to eliminate the financial and social barriers that often restrict differently-abled individuals from getting married; mass weddings provide a platform for them to experience the joys of marriage, enjoy the same rights and privileges as any other citizen, and become a part of mainstream society.

Every year our NGO organises mass weddings where the underprivileged and people we helped through corrective surgeries tie the knot and take a pledge against dowry. Additionally, the institution placed several couples in job profiles that suited their abilities, enabling them to become financially independent. Up to this point, we have organised 41 successful weddings, and a total of 2357 couples have happily wed.

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