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Aids & Apliances

Narayan Seva Sansthan has been working continuously to enhance the lives of people in need. Likewise, our NGO also provides useful aids and necessities, including wheelchairs, tricycles, crutches, callipers, hearing aids, artificial limb, etc. More than 13,43,878 people have benefited from these aids so far, with more being added every day.

Specialized Team

We have a specialized team of prosthetic & orthotic experts who take the measurement of the beneficiaries & make the limbs as per the measurements. Despite consistent efforts of distributing free of cost artificial limbs, we have long waiting lists of beneficiaries that are waiting for their prosthetic limb.

We provide free of cost prosthetics, including artificial legs and arms to Disabled by birth Afflicted by Polio Accident survivors

Disabled by birth

Afflicted by Polio

Accident survivors

A supportive aid such as a wheelchair or crutches, largely support a differently abled person with their mobility issues. With the help of these aids they are less & less dependent on their friends & family. Having this independence can be a luxury for a differently abled person who cannot afford to buy these aids.

As an NGO for the differently abled, we aim at rehabilitating the differently abled people in the best ways that we can. Aids & appliances play a major role in making them more independent. Some aids play a temporary role in the treatment of the patients and others are there for a more permanent use.

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