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Three years ago, a joyful person’s blood flow stopped as a result of an injury, which caused constriction of the leg veins. After undergoing treatment for two months, gangrene forced the amputation of both of his legs. This sad and painful story is of Rakesh Kumar (37) from Himachal Pradesh. Rakesh was taking care of five family members and working as a driver when an accident happened in 2020. The family was forced to wander door to door in need of medical care for Rakesh as a result. Everywhere he went, doctors used to tell him that the treatment would cost between two and three lakhs, which was beyond his capacity. He had also lost his job, so it was impossible to get this much money. The family’s financial circumstances had gotten worse due to heavy expenditure on treatment.

In the interim, he came to know about the Free Services and charitable activities of Narayan Seva Sansthan from television and acquaintances, and he was astounded by the idea that anyone would offer free care in the modern era. But on coming to the Sansthan, he became convinced after observing the care and treatment given to so many people with disabilities. Both of his feet were measured at the Sansthan on October 5, 2022, and on October 9 they were fitted with custom prosthetic feet. Rakesh says he never imagined being able to walk once again, but the Sansthan provided him with Free artificial legs that allowed him to stand and walk. Many thanks to the Sansthan family.