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The arrival of a beautiful daughter, Sinki Chamar, brought immense joy to the family. However, this fleeting happiness soon turned to sorrow. Their precious girl had fallen victim to polio, and for the past 12 years, she had endured a life filled with pain due to her right leg being raised and bent above the knee. As she grew older, her suffering only intensified, causing her to cry day and night.

Determined to alleviate their daughter’s agony, Sinki’s parents and grandmother embarked on a relentless quest for treatment, visiting countless nearby hospitals and making every effort. Sadly, their hopes were repeatedly dashed, as nothing seemed to improve Sinki’s condition.

Then, one day, a glimmer of hope appeared through the channels of social media. They discovered the existence of Narayan Seva Sansthan in Udaipur, which offered Free Polio Operations and other vital services. This discovery marked a turning point in Sinki’s life. In May 2023, Sinki and her grandmother made their way to Sansthan.

A dedicated team of expert doctors examined Sinki and, after careful consideration, successfully performed an operation on her right leg. Later, with the aid of calipers, they helped her stand and walk. Seeing Sinki walk independently, the grandmother expressed profound gratitude, stating that at last, her granddaughter had received the treatment that not only gave her a new lease on life but also brought renewed hope to their entire family.

Sinki, who once crawled on her knees, now eagerly aspires to stand on her feet and chase her dreams.